Here's a message from Amazing Speed and Li Yifeng

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Here's a message from Amazing Speed and Li Yifeng

Post by LaserDucky » Thu Jan 28, 2021 8:52 pm

For Global players:
Welcome global LT players to participate in The LT 2021 New-Year Game !

1.Game Time:
Beijing Time 2021.1.16 8:00 - 2021.1.18 22:00

2.Game Level:
8 new levels. The first four are not harder than “easy”; the last four are not easier than “medium”.
I(Li Yifeng) created 5 of these levels, and the other 3 are created by “Amazing Speed”(“999”).
They will be sent to your email box before the beginning Time and the player should send the lpb file into my mailbox before the ending time.

3.Game Zone:
We divide all the players into to parts: “Chinese Zone” and “Global Zone”. Chinese players will be ranked alone and the information of ranks of both the two zones will be open for all.

4. Game Ranking
Solving each of the first four levels : Each level +1 point
Solving other levels: Each level +2 points
If you got the highest score in your Zone, you earn 1 extra point. If more than 1 player get the same scores all of them will get the extra point.
Please get as more points as possible.

5.Game Feedback
Before Beijing Time 2021.1.19 23:59 I will send the feedback onto the forum.

6.Game Enrolling

Please mail me at fly142857 AT aliyun DOT com

Amazing Speed and Li Yifeng

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