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Mise à jour de la Lasertank Utility Suite (V. 9.2.0)

Posted: Thu Feb 08, 2018 3:55 pm
by LaserDucky
La Lasertank Utility Suite
par Harvey Solomon a été mise à jour.
Disponible dans la section Autres Fichiers/Applications du site web de Lasertank.
This is the latest LaserTank Utilities Suite (V. 9.2.0)
The following changes were made:

1. Fixed a bug to restore the "Open LTLLWOut.TXT" button to the main dialog box of LT-USInt.exe.

2. Added "[Shortcut to 'Top-20' Winners list(s)]" and "[Shortcut to 'Top-Ten' Winners list(s)]" pushbuttons to the output dialog box of LTLLWin.exe.

3. Expanded the information displayed for tied ranks in LTLLWin.exe.

4. Tweaked the layouts of the output display of LTLLWin.exe, and its text file and Clipboard outputs.

5. Added a "Sizes of Output High Scores Files" section to the ReadMe.TXT file and to the descriptions of LTCopyAL.exe, LTCopyHS.exe, LTCopyLv.exe, LTDRsCHS.exe, LTRemvLv.exe and LTSortLv.exe.

6. Tweaked the text in the "Description of Data Input (.Inp) Files" section, and the "List Levels Winners Program (LTLLWinn.exe)" subsection of the "Descriptions of the LTUS Programs" section of the ReadMe.TXT file.

7. Tweaked the comments in LTUSData.Inp.

8. Updated the address of the LaserTank web site (to, and tweaked the text, in the ReadMe.TXT file.