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Sokoban-II_1508 has been modified

Notification of official levels which have been modified (usually to remove unintended shortcuts)
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Sokoban-II_1508 has been modified

Post by LaserDucky » Sun Dec 17, 2017 12:37 pm

========================= TO ALL ==========================
To get rid of a shortcut, the following level has been modified

Down TankMover at N10
Purple Tunnel at N11

(MOD: 1)


*********** WARNING for USERS of LTUpdate.exe PROGRAM. ***********
Running the LaserTank Update: Levels, High Scores and Playback Files program (LTUpdate.exe) on the next monthly update will delete your High Score(s) (if any) for this (these) level(s). To avoid losing this (these) High Score(s), you should record your solution(s) and save the Playback file(s) to a temporary folder. After you run the LTUpdate.exe program you can copy this (these) recording(s) [Playback file(s)] back to your LaserTank folder, and use it (them) to restore your High Score(s) for this (these) modified level(s).

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